Jodi Patterson has exhibited in over 100 gallery and museums across the U.S.A., including international venues in Budapest, London and Paris.  She has published dozens of essays in a variety of scholarly journals and served as an inaugural co-editor of "Artizein:  Arts & Teaching Journal" with her mentor, Dr. Peter London.  Jodi currently heads the Art Education program within a university, where she is able to advocate for access to the visual arts on a daily basis.  Jodi also services advisory and executive boards for various art organizations.  


As an artist, Jodi is steeped within an Arts-Based Research praxis where she uses art to examine relationships with place/space ontology stemming from an embedded roving art praxis.  In this vein, Jodi has visited over 30 countries, photographed nearly 300 waterfalls in a two-year span, donned crampons to explore glaciers in Iceland, Canada and the USA against the backdrop of climate change, and once traveled around the world in seven days to photograph some key UNESCO sites.  Though formally trained as a painter, her artworks manifest via whatever form the message requires: paint, installation, digital photography, text.