Jodi Patterson has exhibited in over 100 gallery and museums across the U.S.A., including international venues in Budapest, London and Paris.  She has published dozens of essays in a variety of scholarly journals and served as an inaugural co-editor of "Artizein:  Arts & Teaching Journal" with her mentor, Dr. Peter London.  Jodi currently heads the Art Education program within a university.  She services advisory and executive boards for various art organizations.  


As an artist, Jodi uses art to examine relationships with Nature and inspects place/space ontology stemming from an embedded roving art praxis.  Jodi has visited over 30 countries, photographed nearly 300 waterfalls in a two-year span, and once traveled around the world in seven days to photograph some key UNESCO sites.  Though formally trained as a painter, her artworks manifest via whatever form the message requires: paint, installation, digital photography, text.  To learn more about her professional background, see RESUME.  


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