I advocate for an educational process that is holistic, deep, rigorous, collaborative, active, inclusive and intrinsically motivating [relevant].  My leadership style is informed by Jack Mezirow (transformational leadership), Michael Fullan (change agent), Peter Senge (presence), Malcolm Knowles (andragogy), and Paulo Freire (problem-posing). I study how people develop in their learning via art and cognition (Arthur Efland); neuroscience (Michael Posner); aesthetic awareness (William Perry).  And I push students to realize higher-order creativity (Graham Wallace), self-sufficiency (empowerment pedagogy), and critical inspection of their surroundings (Housen and Yenawine).      


Courses T A U G H T 

Graduate Level: 

Contemporary Art

Thesis Writing and Research Methods

Multicultural Art 

Adult Pedagogy


Undergraduate Level:


2-D Foundations

3-D Foundations

Drawing I

Water-based Paints


Art Business.

Professional Practices of the Studio Artist

Capstone: BFA Exhibition


Art History.

Art History [pre-history to Renaissance]

Special Topics: Art of Southeast Asia

Art Criticism

Theme-Based Intro to Art

Art & Humanities

History of Art Education


Art Education.

Inclusive Practices

Aesthetic Inquiry

Secondary Art Education Methods

Saturday Art School

Elementary Art Education Methods

History of Art Education

Capstone:  Digital Portfolios for Art Educators