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2019-20.  This series is based on years of exploring new land via a walking art praxis that seeks to identify the cognitive, psychological and/or physical context-aware components required for transforming human activity in space into place-knowledge construction. As an avid world traveler who moves residence often, I am specifically interested in the investigation on the placelessness of the in-between; the fragility between visiting, trespassing and being "home."  

This research, which is primarily displayed in 10-foot increments to mimic a federally sized road lines, invites viewers to "walk with" the art.  It contains a collage of paintings, paintings, photographs, found objects, "drive-bye" snapshots  and digital video.  DOT road paint, airport quality reflective glass beads, tar, and tire tread are other core materials.  The main installation is augmented with small vignettes of place-based experiences.