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2019-20 "Paving Paradise"

30" x 36" x 2" - Tar, sand, acrylic on board.

This series depicts the deterioration of Nature as witnessed after re-visiting lands only to find them altered or destroyed due to human interference and endangerment.  In these pieces, I apply tar over sand, artificial turf and other "natural" textures to bring voice to the "paradise" that is often replaced by the placelessness of the banal and the suffocation of the earth's treasures.  As people search for ways to comprehend and address climate change and/or damage, art can come forward as a potent dose of thought, action and inspiration.

Related thoughts:  

Interview - GlaicerHub is a publication out of Columbia University that featured my work on their blog.  Interview speaks to the "Emergency of Now" and how art can help bring voice to Nature's concerns.

Photo Log - I've hiked several glaicers, but never had the documentation of their decline so visible as to when I hiked the Columbia Icefields.  I compiled this photolog to help contextualize this important visual.