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The more confident you are about your topic, the more confidently you will teach it.


Envision the goal: 

- educate audience 

- inspire their interest

- help them retain information (=entertain, interact, relate content)

- exhibit credibility (professionalism)


Know exactly what you want to say . . . WRITE your entire speech word-for-word . . . and then practice, practice, PRACTICE!


  • Turn on your webcam, stand up and give your speech to yourself.

  • Refer to your notes (but don't read your speech)

  • Repeat speech over and over and over and  ... 


Remember:  Your PowerPoint is NOT the presentation ... YOU are the presentation!



Content Advice.


(1) Tell them what you're going to tell them;

(2) Tell them,  and then; 

(3) Tell them what you told them.


Make the audience remember what you told them by getting them involved:

- ask them questions

- do an activity

- get them moving

- make them laugh

- make them think

- entice, entice, entice!


SIDENOTE:  Be sure you know how to pronounce EVERY word you put on a

your PowerPoint . . . and know what they mean!  If unsure, go to YouTube

and type in "how to pronounce "whatever word you are curious about."



Visual Aides.


  • Use sans serif font  


  • Use color as a tool - not a distraction


  • Use bullets sparingly.

  • Font size should be at least 32 pt. to around 44 pt 


  • Use a PPT as an aide, not something to read. Keep text at a minimum.


  • Use effective (and clear) visuals.

-  Visuals are FREE - use as many as possible.

-  Fill the PPT slide with the image so viewers can easily see it.

-  Don't forget full slide detail shots, too!


  • Use blank screen to put the attention back on you.

-  When you would like the screen to go Black, press the “B” key on your keyboard .

-  To return to the presentation, press the “B” key again.

-  To view a White screen, simply press the “W” key.


  • Check to verify all cords, computer programs, screens, etc. work together BEFORE the day of your presentation.  Eliminate all worries to free yourself to focus on what is important.


  • Save your PPT in a variety of places to you know you have a file back-up if needed.





  • FACE the audience at ALL TIMES.  (Do not keep your focus on the professor - move your eyes around the room).


  • Use eye contact.


  • Project your voice!


  • Inflect your voice!


  • Consider telling stories.


  • Pay attention to time.


  • Speak to us rather than read to us.



- Your eyes

- Your arms and hands

- Your body ... walk around!


  • Eliminate all gum from your  mouth!


  • Don't be afraid to laugh.


  • BE YOUR confident, beautiful self!  


  • Don't apologize for missing something ... your audience probably won't notice.  Just keep your focus and flow and GO!




  • BE your passion ... others will feel it, too!

"Your visual aide should aide five aspects of your presentation:  Clarity, retention, interest, professionalism and help reduce stage fright."