(One - two sentences.)

Identify the author and title of the main works researched.




(One paragraph.)

Write an informative summary of the material by highlighting/summarizing the main points of the reading.



Elaborate. (FACTS)

(3 -6 paragraphs.)

Elaborate on the summary.  Keep it objective and factual.  Use direct quotations from the work to illustrate and support important ideas.  Do not include personal reactions to the work in this section.



React to the work. (PERSONAL REFLECTION)

(1 - 3 paragraphs.)

Evaluate the merit of the work - how is the material related to your life, experiences, and ideas?  How is it related to being a future art teacher?  Did the work increase your understanding of a particular issue? How so?  Did it change your perspective in any way?  Why does the professor think this information is important for you, a future art teacher, to be exposed to?




Define all of the terms listed in the reading assignment.



Turn in file before deadline via Canvas Assignment section.


INFORMAL RESPONSE/Online Discussions                    



After reading content, post to our ART391 Canvas Announcement for the appropriate weekly topic.


Posts here must be:

a.  Thoughtful

b.  Respectful

c.  Involved


The content of the post might be to discuss a favorite thought or to brainstorm ways the ideas might be relevant to the contemporary art educator (or not).  Posts must include context.  For example, one cannot merely write, "I liked it."  Please elaborate:  what specifically did you like and why?


Initial responses must be posted before the deadline.  Students who fail to post by the deadline set other students up for failure - as they need content to reply to for their grades.  Do not post if you have not read the content.  



Reply at least two times to classmate's posts.


Your replies to other student's initial responses might be a validation of a post -- or a push to elaborate. A reply might also connect other thoughts/ideas from the class.  It is ideal if the two replies are towards two different students, however, this is not mandatory.  Likewise, students may post more than two replies.

Replies must be:


a.  Thoughtful

b.  Respectful

c.  Linked to specific topics (push reply button under content).


[Students who are confronted with no content to reply to within one hour of the final deadline may post replies to his/her own post.]