I dub the praxis of incorporating flying, riding, floating, walking, hiking, and driving to make and/or inform works of art to be that of a "roving" art practice.

As a rover, I am aesthetic transient who uses art to reconcile nomadic relationships with humans and the land; living within slivered roles of trespasser and visitor, vulnerability and potentiality.  In other words, I explore the "in-between" and exist as an antevasin (as one who lives at the border.)  To do this, I connect and remix emergent new and unfixed (and/or unnoticed or unseen) spaces to form transformative potential in terms of material objects, perceptions, connections and shared commonalities to produce relationally-specific forms/ephemera void of both expectation and history (though not oblivious to it).  I am interested in intersections, edges, wayfaring, and line/age.  

The meandering act of roving lends itself to my role as a process-painter; I do not plan my work and allow experiences to create my art.  Within this framework, a natural aesthetic exists that hovers between image and form.  My art lives as an exhaled version of the spiritual and the concrete; the immanent and the manifest.