transitive verb

1  : to wander through or over


  • The Mars Rover is an autonomous robot that seeks out signs of life.

  • Chemical and nuclear sites employ human rovers to seek and identify safety hazards. 

  • Navy ships assign rovers to keep watch for enemies.

  • In softball, a rover is an extra defense field player.

  • The Land Rover is a luxury 4 x 4 with series models:  Discovery, Defender, Evoque.

I dub the praxis of incorporating flying, riding, floating, walking,
hiking, and driving to make and/or inform works of art to be that of a "roving" art practice.
Rovers are aesthetic transients who use art to reconcile nomadic relationships with humans and the land, they exist within slivered roles of trespasser and visitor, vulnerability and potentiality.  Rovers reconcile these delicate balances by connecting and remixing emergent new and unfixed (and/or unnoticed or unseen) spaces to form transformative potential in terms of material objects, perceptions, connections and shared commonalities that can bring people together.  From this, roving artists produces relationally-specific forms/ephemera void of both expectation and history (though not oblivious to it).   
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