My first ATW jaunt.

I completed my first around-the-world jaunt. It took eight days (minus my extended stay in Michigan via the return) and an immense amount of organization. The goal was to travel places where I could photograph one or two main attractions and move on. The trip required 11 flight legs, and about 32 hours in the air.

My partner came with me and we slept in hotels, on airplanes, and in airports. We carried our packs -- mine weighed in at 5.5 pounds. Of the airlines we flew (Cebu, Norwegian, Jet Blue, Croatian, Delta and Turkish) Turkish Air topped them all with their service. Below is a list of the main items we traveled to see, but of course, we witnessed so much more! (Check out my Instagram to view better photos.)


  • World's longest covered escalator (2,600 ft with a 400+ foot elevation)

  • Worlds largest permanent light show (involves multimedia show involving more than 40 buildings along Victoria Harbor)

  • I mainly just wanted to see the city -- it is a street photographers utopia!


  • World's tallest building (The Burj Khalifa has 160 stories and stands 2,716 feet high. We paid to go to the 140th floor - which is the highest public lookout available. Most people stop at the 124th floor.)


  • Plitivice Lakes (UNESCO site with 16 terraced lakes and an uncountable number of waterfalls.) (PhotoLog coming soon!)

  • I have to mention how beautiful Zagreb's new airport is! It was only three months old when I arrived. It contrasts with everything you might think of as Zagreb, as it is a contemporary and bold structure! Well played, Zagreb.

  • Old Town Dubrovnik (UNESCO site with 16th century stone walls bordering the Adriatic Sea.)


  • Giant's Causeway (UNESCO site features approximately 40,000 interlocking basalt columns.)

  • We LOVED Belfast. The natives seemed to have a real appreciation for visitors and the entire city was tourist-friendly. It was clean, charming, affordable, interesting, and an all around great surprise.