Countries I have visited

  1. Andorra

  2. Bahamas

  3. Cambodia (I watched the sunrise on spring equinox over Angkor Wat with my friend Kristen)

  4. Canada (Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta)

  5. Colombia (treated just like one of the family by Joe's nephew Pepe Lucio)

  6. Croatia

  7. France - 2x

  8. Iceland (my favorite trip with Joe - we rented a camper van and drove the Ring of Fire together)

  9. Italy 4x + Capri

  10. Malta

  11. Monaco

  12. Morocco

  13. Netherlands 2x (once with Joe and once with Lindy)

  14. Panama

  15. Spain- 3x (Southern Spain, Northern Spain, and one trip was all about Salvador Dali's life and inspiration in Catalan country)

  16. Switzerland

  17. Thailand

  18. Turkey

  19. United Kingdom (Gibraltar, British Virgin Islands/BVI, Guernsey Islands)

  20. Vietnam

  21. Northern Ireland

  22. Vatican City (Yes, it is it's own country!)

  23. China/as in Hong Kong

  24. United States (US Virgin Islands, Arctic Circle)

  25. United Arab Emirates

  • As far as the USA goes, I have visited every state in the union MINUS Rhode Island and Arkansas. My favorite place in the USA is Yellowstone National Park.

  • Where do I want to visit? Jordan, India, and I want to sail the Greek Islands.