Where To?


Materials:  Rubber, reflective yellow tape line sized according to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) put out by the U.S. Department of Transportation.     

44’ x 8”


"Where to?" reflects upon the perception of space by  presenting viewers with  decontextualized highway lines.  The federal size guideline for dashed highway lines in the United States are 10 feet long and 4-6 inches wide.  The empty spaces in-between road lines measures 30 feet.   This space is often sensorily miscalculated by onlookers.


With this piece, I present viewers with the space between two road lines to serve as a metaphorical reminder of how the perceptions of the risk between two points lie in the eye of the beholder.  I am simultaneously offering objectivity as a weapon to advance risk mitigation. 


(Images of random roads are from the artist [who is a self-described travel addict] and serve as inspiration for the piece.  These images are not a part of the gallery display.)